Tai Chi Training – Morocco

1_DSC_1298 2_DSC_1864 3_DSC_1842 3_DSC_1847 4_DSC_1839 4_DSC_1841 5_DSC_1848 5_DSC_1851 6_DSC_1868 6_DSC_1871 7_DSC_1855 7_IMG_20151229_121211278 7_IMG_20160101_110127766 8_IMG_20160102_151509819_HDR 9_DSC_0582Just returned from a superb 2 weeks of residential Tai Chi with Karel & Eva Koskuba of Chinese Internal Arts Association. Hard work – good food – brilliant sunshine – almost perfect…. Great memories of fellow students and marvellous Morocco. Same time next year!

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