Chen Tai Chi

Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang

Chen Tai Chi is the oldest of the five main styles of Tai Chi that exist today. It is the original style of Tai Chi from which the other main styles have since derived.

Characterised by flowing, spiralling and twining movements it exercises the body in a very natural and efficient way. It can be practised in high, medium or low postures depending the individual’s preference.

Chen style arrived in the West relatively recently but as a result has managed to preserve its authenticity.

All the Tai Chi taught at Cheltenham Gloucester Tai Chi is as taught by Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang pictured here. Grandmaster Chen still visits the UK annually and holds seminars here.

While the martial aspect of Chen Tai Chi is still very evident it is now mainly used to promote physical and mental health. Tai Chi’s unique combination of mental and physical activity helps to harmonise the mind, body and spirit and enhance wellbeing.

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